“Project Blue” space telescope launches crowdfunding campaign

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November 16, 2016
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"Project Blue, an ambitious initiative to directly image planets around the double suns of Alpha Centauri, has started crowdfunding for its space telescope. The initiative would launch a small space telescope designed specifically to look at Alpha Centauri, which, along with Proxima Centauri, is the nearest stellar neighbor to Earth's solar system. Because of the star system's closeness, that small telescope would be able to take a 'pale blue dot' image of any potentially Earthlike planets orbiting there -- a photo of a small blue speck like the one the Voyager spacecraft 1 took of Earth from afar. A blue hue would indicate potential oceans or atmosphere surrounding the planet. The project's team hopes to raise at least $1 million through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter by Dec. 21, 2016, to lay the technical groundwork for the project, representatives said in a statement." (11/15/16)


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