Why Republicans must repeal ObamaCare’s “pre-existing conditions” provisions

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November 16, 2016
Cato Institute
by Michael F Cannon  
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"If the sickest patients can hop from plan to plan knowing that insurers could charge them no more than anyone else, then each year many will choose whichever plan offers the most attractive coverage for their ailments. Whichever insurer provided the most attractive coverage to the sick would end up with lots of enrollees who pay far less in premiums than they generate in claims. That's not sustainable. To keep from going out of business, insurers would start competing to not offer the best coverage to the sick. Year after year, sick people would find their coverage getting progressively worse, not better. Just like under Obamacare." (11/15/16)



  • R R Schoettker

    I don’t care what the lying deceivers; be they Obama democrats or Trump republicans, attempt to describe it as…..if population demographics and individual realities are ignored for the determination of risk, then the product they are hustling IS NOT “insurance” but only State sanctioned socialism !

  • dL

    So, you retain the theft of the outrageous, monopoly IRS-enforced premium costs but eliminate the ostensible objective of universal coverage. Yep, Cato****. I might speculate that if the assholes at Cato had to actually pay their own health insurance out-of-pocket, we might be spared this type of drivel.

    *** Progressive: Break a man’s legs, subsidize his crutches
    ***Cato: Break a man’s legs, figure out how to make it a “smart policy,” go buy your crutches in “the free market.”

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