Users around the world reject Europe’s upload filtering proposal

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November 11, 2016
Electronic Frontier Foundation
by Jeremy Malcolm  
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"Users around the world have been outraged by the European Commission's proposal to require websites to enter into Shadow Regulation agreements with copyright holders concerning the automatic filtering of user-generated content. This proposal, which some are calling RoboCopyright and others Europe's #CensorshipMachine, would require many Internet platforms to integrate content scanning software into their websites to alert copyright holders every time it detected their content being uploaded by a user, without any consideration of the context. People are right to be mad. This is going to result in the wrongful blocking of non-infringing content, such as the fair use dancing baby video. But that's only the start of it. The European proposal may also require images and text -- not just video -- to be automatically blocked on copyright grounds." (11/10/16)  

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