How utopians are destroying America’s children

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November 9, 2016
Heartland Institute
by Nancy Thorner  
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"Given that mandatory government schools were spreading nationwide, Socialist John Dewey managed to seize control of the schools with his plot to deliberately begin to dumb down children. He realized that control was the way to achieve a 'new social order.' Having visited the Soviet Union he applauded the schools for producing collectivists and cited Looking Backward as a model appropriate for the U.S. John Dewey understood, like all utopians, that education is the key to crushing liberty, Biblical values, etc. Dewey's dumbing down of children as an educator, began in the primary school. Using the entire country as his experiment, Dewey's reintroduced Mann's whole word method of reading which had already been deemed a failure in Boston in 1844." (11/09/16)  


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