The fight for Brexit is a fight for democracy

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November 8, 2016
by Brendan O'Neill  
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"Calmly but urgently, we need to recognise the seriousness of what happened in Britain last week. Courtesy of a court case brought by rich, angry supporters of keeping Britain in the EU, Brexit is no longer the property of the people. Instead it's been handed over to a political class largely hostile to it. It has been made subject to the narrow machinations of a political and media elite who have made no secret of their loathing for it, and for those who voted for it. The greatest democratic cry in British political history has been removed from the demos, from public ownership, and turned into a thing to be gabbed about and reshaped by those who, in David Attenborough's words, are 'probably wiser than we are.'" (11/07/16)  

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