LAND: The week in review January 24-30

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January 30, 2011
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Commentaries on The Human Rights Act: A crime against liberty, New book: Cinderella Ate My Daughter, Hats off to Pete Eyre’s hat, About that “war on cops”, Excusing torture at “Justice”, The persecution of Pvt. Bradley Manning, More pure than thou, Federal fishing expedition against anti-war groups, Goose stepping through Woodland Hills, Julian Heicklen , Fewer snouts in the trough, less crime in the streets and more!

In the news Egypt goes dark, Thousands in Yeman call on president to quit, Smugglers with “medieval catapult” nabbed at border, Fresh protests as crowds call for Mubarak’s removal, Kentucky Officer suspended for giving 7-year-old a ticket. Massachusetts Court rules against docking pay for damage, Ventura sues TSA in pat-down smackdown, Police fear “war on cops”, West Virginia Gun rights group sues city, Egyptian Police use tear gas to break up Tunisia-inspired protest, Lebanon Hariri supporters stage “day of rage”, Iranian Regime murders two opposition activists, Florida Student arrested for “cop watching”, Huge parking fines in Australiainspired parking watch app, Georgia Man’s Internet victory could lead to new law and Federal center hopes to spur drug research

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