A pro-life libertarian case for abortion rights

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November 3, 2016
Bleeding Heart Libertarians
by Lauren Hall  
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"At some point, no matter how you work it, fetuses become humans and we're stuck with a conflict between fundamental individual rights. Walter Block famously tried to thread this needle with his theory of evictionism, which is a decent starting point except that most infants do not have great outcomes at the point of viability (around 24 weeks), so you're not just evicting someone but substantially reducing their potential and quality of life moving forward. But at least his approach tries to wrestle with the conflicting rights of both mother and child. Ultimately though, what interests me is not the morality of abortion, which I think libertarians can have widely different legitimate opinions on. What's more troubling for libertarians is the practical issue of where they should stand on governmental interference in private medical decisions." [editor's note: Rights don't inhere in "humans," they inhere in "persons." There may be a difference - TLK] (11/02/16)



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