Why Emailgate matters

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November 3, 2016
by Sean Collins  
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"Polls show that over 60 per cent of US citizens find Clinton untrustworthy and dishonest. This isn't simply due to Republican propaganda -- there is an underlying problem with Clinton, and her emails are part of that problem. Of course, Republicans have, and will, undertake partisan attacks on Clinton, including pressing the email issue for political advantage. But it is notable that they haven't been able to pursue scandals with Obama, which they surely would if they could. Clinton gives them lots of material to work with, while Obama doesn't. In public, Clinton's campaign staff play down Clinton's email issue. But, as recent Wikileaks revelations show, in private they recognise the seriousness of the situation." (11/02/16)


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  • dL

    No, its not merely a case of where the coverup is worse than a crime, and the coverup exposes Clinton as careless of entitled.

    Rather, It is a demonstration of the awesome discretionary nature of the encompassing expanse of administrative state crimes. And if the security state organs adjudicate what and what is not a crime(simply by discretion whether it is yay or nay), then the security organs effectively run the government.

    Emailgate matters because it exposes democracy dominated by a security state bureaucracy to be a sham…

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