Worse than Watergate? Revisiting the Clinton email fiasco

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November 3, 2016
by Anthony DiMaggio  
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"The reemergence of the email fiasco speaks to old questions about whether Clinton violated federal law, and a new question -- is the comparison to Watergate appropriate? John W. Dean, a former counsel to Richard Nixon and co-conspirator in the Watergate scandal weighed in on this in a recent New York Times op-ed arguing that the comparison is 'nonsense.' More specifically, Dean argues about Clinton: 'She was unaware that a few classified items -- some of which were classified after the fact -- were in her private email system. Unlike Nixon, she has apologized. The F.B.I. record also shows that -- again, unlike Nixon -- she had no criminal intent in any of her actions.' Dean's words are unlikely to convince political opponents and critics of Clinton, but the question still stands: did Clinton violate federal law by disseminating classified materials?" (11/02/16)


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