Uber and out

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November 1, 2016
by Rob Lyons  
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"The gig economy does throw up some important questions about employment rights. Uber would, on the face of it, seem to be the perfect, flexible working arrangement. All you need is a reasonably new car in good condition, a private hire licence, a smartphone, and off you go. Log on whenever you feel like working and log off again when you're done. In theory, no one at Uber should be demanding that you work at particular periods, you can even take advantage of high demand to charge more for the trip through 'surge' pricing. For those looking for an extra bit of income on top of another job, that might be a sensible arrangement, particularly if you own the car already. But for those treating Uber as their main source of income, the situation is more troubling. Uber looks like it is skirting around employment rights in order to cut costs under the pretence of self-employment." [editor's note: There is no "right" to employment. Don't like the way Uber does things? Don't work with them - TLK] (11/01/16)


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