FL: Some idiots plan to arm themselves for trick-or-treating because CLOWNS

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October 31, 2016
Fox News    
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"Some Florida residents plan to take some extra precautions when they trick-or-treat with their children on Monday amid reports of creepy clowns scaring communities. Kimberly Kersey told Florida Today that she plans to carry a gun while taking her sons around her Palm Bay neighborhood after two men were arrested last week for allegedly threatening people while dressed as clowns. ... Pam Metz, of Titusville, said she plans to carry around a baseball bat on Halloween because she doesn't have a gun." [editor's note: On the one hand, it's a good idea to go armed in general, assuming you are sane and competent. On the other hand, if you have fallen for the clown panic, you are not sane and competent, you should probably not be going out at all armed or not, and you should probably be in diapers and on thorazine - TLK] (10/31/16)


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