SpaceX says helium loading issue caused accident, seeks 2016 return to flight

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October 31, 2016
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"Nearly two months after a September 1 accident on the launch pad, SpaceX says it is nearing the conclusion of its investigation. Although the company has yet to identify the 'exact root cause' of the accident that occurred during a static fire test just prior to a planned launch of a communications satellite, the investigation has reached an 'advanced state.' ... SpaceX intends to continue work to identify the precise cause of the accident and to improve its method of loading helium onto the rocket to prevent a repeat failure. The company also plans to resume testing Falcon 9 rocket stages at its facility in McGregor, Texas, soon. By taking this step in early November, SpaceX maintains that it is on track to resume flight operations of its Falcon 9 rocket before the end of 2016." (10/28/16)  

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