The Streisand effect and Cody Wilson’s 3-D printed gun

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October 31, 2016
Foundation for Economic Education
by C Edward Kelso  
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"For Mr. Wilson, the means of production, not quite in the Marxian sense, but close, were slowly moving to Everyman. The perfect political mischief, he discussed with his pal during those increasingly eccentric talks, would be to offer up to progressives, prohibitionists, establishment types a taste of radical equality. What if, just what if, something like a gun could be printed using simply a home computer, 3D printer, and available materials? Further, what if the hard part, the engineering and metallurgy, was done way ahead of time, encapsulated in an executable file for download? For free? Wikipedia for weapons. A Wiki Weapon! Barbra Streisand's ghost burst into action as Mr. Wilson used online crowdsourcing to attempt raising the twenty grand his back of the envelope calculation assumed it'd take for a Wiki Weapon to see quickening, life. The plea alone generated media hysteria." (10/29/16)  

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