Israel: Regime charges wedding party for expressing opinions, bearing arms

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October 26, 2016
Ynetnews [Israel]    
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"Thirteen suspects were indicted on Wednesday for incitement and possession of firearms during what has been dubbed as the 'wedding of hate,' which saw guests mocking the murder of Palestinian baby Ali Dawabsheh. Among the defendants are five minors aged 14-17, as well as groom Yakir Ashbal from Yad Binyamin. Another defendant is the wedding singer, Sinai Tor from Ramat HaSharon, who sang a song about building the Third Temple, adding lyrics like 'The mosque will burn, burn' and 'The mosque will explode, explode' and is accused of inciting and spurring the guests on with his songs. According to the indictment, right-wing activist Daniel Tzvi Moshe Pinner from Kfar Tapuach danced at the wedding with a rifle, while wearing a shirt of Rabbi Meir Kahane's Kach party that says 'No Arabs, no terror attacks.' Pinner is also facing charges of incitement to racism and support of a terror organization." (10/26/16),7340,L-4870466,00.html  

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