Some truth about Hillary and the hackers

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October 26, 2016
Freeman's Perspective
by Paul Rosenberg  
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"People ask me, 'Do you think it was the Russians who hacked Hillary?' I tell them that I have no idea who did it, but, 'Yeah, sure, it could have been the Russians. Given the lack of security on her server, however, it could also have been the teenager down the street.' Hillary's server was more or less wide open. Given enough motivation and a bit of time, any reasonably technical person could have stolen those emails. In the words of one specialist, Hillary's server was 'total amateur hour.' How that happens for a Secretary of State (or a President) is a rather serious question." (10/25/16)  

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  • dL

    well, we do know who did it…Guccifer 2.0. We can fairly surmise that is likely the Russians,along w/ several other state intel orgs, likewise penetrated the DNC, Clinton Foundation, but they are not the wikileaks source(duh).

    The hypothesis that Guccifer 2.0 is Russian intel is not one of nonzero probability but there is no evidence of such a link. Absent that, take him for his word. Certainly cypherpunks/hackers would be motivated to go after a figure like Clinton. The means.motive and opportunity(weak security practices by the target) are all there for a lone wolf w/o having to appeal to any necessity of state actors.

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