The school choice generation wants a full educational menu

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October 21, 2016
Heartland Institute
by Robert Holland  
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"Atlanta's public school superintendent, Meria Carstarphen, recently made headlines when she quipped school choice is as American as McDonald'’s Happy Meals. 'People like choice,' she told reporters after delivering her October 7 state-of-the-school-district address. 'They want to pick their president. They want to pick their Happy Meal.' Carstarphen was touting her plan for having two local nonprofits manage charter schools to help inner-city families find alternatives to low-performing public schools. Her analogy, while clever, might suggest families would be happy if they had a choice of schools operating like fast-food chains. (It is also questionable how many Americans are thrilled with having Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as their major-party presidential choices.) In reality, most parents want diverse and meaty options for their children’s education." (10/20/16)  

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