Trump previews “Trump TV” on Facebook, covering debate without “biased, mainstream media reporting”

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October 20, 2016
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"While everyone was watching the debate, Donald Trump might have given a clue of his secret plan for after the debate. Just as the debate was beginning, Mr Trump sent out a message telling people to watch his Facebook Live broadcast of it. That attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers -- and might be a hint of Mr Trump's plans for after the election. The live broadcast included pundits and borrowed the look of established TV stations. As such, it looks remarkably like the much rumoured Trump TV -- the candidate's suggested media network that could be launched after the debate and serve as a way of capitalising on his huge audience." (10/20/16)  


  • dL

    “While everyone was watching the debate…”

    Nope, not everyone…not me. I haven’t watched a second of live tv political coverage. I find american political theatre to be very dull, predictable, scripted…not entertaining in the least. Hollywood for the ugly is bad hollywood. And I’d rather have a kidney stone than watch Trump TV.

    Obviously, it does get my interesting when it goes off script, like the Clinton emails

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