Education Savings Accounts for Texas

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October 20, 2016
Independent Institute
by Vicki E Alger  
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"Integral to Texas's strong economic performance and business success is its cultivation of a welcoming environment for entrepreneurs and businesses of all shapes and sizes. More than one out of 10 of the country's largest public and private businesses call Texas home. Texas also adds new businesses at a rate that is more than double the national average. But the dominance of Texas in the competitive economic sector stands in stark contrast to its distinctively un-competitive K–12 education sector, which is essentially dominated by one type of provider: public district schools. In contrast, Florida, which also enjoys a vibrant business climate, has a far more inviting educational climate, one that encourages new providers through a variety of educational choice programs beyond the public system, including education savings accounts (ESAs)." (10/19/16)  

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