Assange’s fate

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October 19, 2016
by Justin Raimondo  
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"The saga of Julian Assange seems to be drawing to a climax -- one that will decide the fate of this historic whistleblower who, for years, has been a giant thorn in the side of governments everywhere. His role in exposing the machinations of the US government over the years earned him the plaudits of liberals -- until the Bush era ended, and he started exposing the crimes of the Obama administration and -- most pointedly -- the hypocrisy and venality of Hillary Clinton and her journalistic camarilla. Now we see right-wing figures like Sean Hannity and -- yes! -- Donald Trump praising and defending him, while the ostensible liberals take up the cry of the Clinton campaign that he's a 'pawn of the Kremlin' and a 'rapist.'" (10/19/16)  

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