There is some good news

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October 13, 2016
Town Hall
by Kurt Schlichter  
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"Things are not all bad. They're just mostly horrible. In a month we're going to choose between being led by Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Massively Corrupt. But let's look on the bright side. With Trump, we'd see checks and balances like no one has ever been checked and balanced in the history of either checking or balancing. Do you think Paul Ryan (assuming that his foray into fussy establishment virtue signaling by stepping on the momentum of Trump coming off a terrific debate victory doesn't make him minority leader) is going to carry water for Grabby O'Gynogroper? The good news about Hillary is that Americans have about 300 million guns, which should check and balance what her progressive ilk traditionally yearns to do to those of us who are 'deplorable' and 'irredeemable.' Hint: it ain't 'fun camps.' It's good news that the Second Amendment allows us to retain the ultimate veto of leftists' fantasies of fundamental transformation." (10/13/16)  

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