The philosophy of gun control

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October 13, 2016
Ludwig von Mises Institute
by David Gordon  
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Review of Debating Gun Control: How Much Regulation Do We Need? by David DeGrazia and Lester H. Hunt: "The authors are well-qualified for a good debate, and the book does not disappoint. Hunt is a philosopher of libertarian inclinations who has written books on Nietzsche, human character, and Robert Nozick. In my view, he is a thinker of genuine depth. DeGrazia is best known for work on animal rights and on bioethics. 'Debating' in the title is a misnomer, as each author presents only his own case and there are no responses." (10/13/16)  
  • MamaLiberty

    The headline was inviting, but the content is BS from “both sides.” No “state” can legitimately grant rights, or limit them. They then become privileges – and no state has any legitimate authority to grant those either.

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