Defeating doomsday derp: Tactical tidbits for Threepers

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October 11, 2016
Zero Gov
by John Meyers  
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"The older generation of survivalists who grew up in an era when the AR15 was less reliable tend to be very fond of full size .308 Battle Rifles for all situations. A myriad of multi volume prepper novels will be sure to point out the superiority of the HK91 over the poodle shooter 5.56 rifles or how great God's Gun in .45 ACP will hit someone in the arm and go back in time and kill their grandparents. I don't intend to have a caliber debate. But I do intend to make you think. For the .308 M1A/FAL/HK91 only crew, have you ever tried to work that platform in tight or confined areas? Have you tried searching your house or slicing corners in confined spaces? Close quarters work with a cumbersome platform often will turn out like a monkey screwing a football bat." (10/11/16)  

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