Australia: Labor Party votes to block referendum on marriage apartheid

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October 11, 2016
NBC News    
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"Australia's opposition Labor Party has voted to block a government-backed referendum on same-sex marriage. The move means it will remain one of the last countries in the Western world to grant [sic] gay and lesbian couples the right to wed. Labor Party leader Bill Shorten -- as well as a majority of Australians, according to recent Essential opinion polls -- support marriage for same-sex couples. But Shorten said Tuesday his party voted unanimously against the referendum proposed for February amid concerns it would be too costly and create an acrimonious climate for LGBT Australians." [editor's note: Same-sex couples have the right to wed whether governments "grant" it or not. The question is whether or not governments SUPPRESS it, as has been the case since governments started requiring that marriages be "licensed" - TLK]  

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