Immigration authoritarianism

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October 6, 2016
by Matt Welch  
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"The day after one of Donald Trump's campaign speeches about cracking down on illegal immigration, National Review columnist Jay Nordlinger, a lifelong conservative who 'ceased being a Republican' the moment Trump sewed up the GOP nomination, lamented via Twitter that 'people you could never have guessed would be gullible -- are. Falling for cons. Re immigration, for example.' But many of the #NeverTrump conservatives currently agonizing over the future of their party are deluding themselves over its past: Republicans have been falling for immigration cons -- and perpetrating many of their own -- since long before the real estate outsider vaulted to the front of the GOP presidential field by accusing Mexico of 'sending' to the U.S. 'people that have lots of problems,' including the problem of being 'rapists.' Years after Trump exits the political stage, conservatism's leading lights will need to take a long, hard look at how they deliberately embraced a fact-untethered anti-immigration populism, thereby enabling some of the most authoritarian central planning this side of, well, Hillary Clinton." (for publication 11/16)  

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