SCOTUS takes a pass on Redskins, NCAA, immigration cases

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October 4, 2016
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"The Washington Redskins will have to remain on the sidelines while the U.S. Supreme Court decides whether the government can refuse to register offensive trademarks in the case of a rock band whose Asian frontman named The Slants. The high court also refused to hear an appeal of an antitrust ruling against the NCAA over how much financial aid colleges can award to athletes and declined the Obama administration's request to rehear the appeal of a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that halted the administration's plan to award semi-legal status to millions of immigrants. The decision not to combine the Redskins case with that of The Slants wasn't a surprise, since Pro-Football Inc., the firm controlled by billionaire Dan Snyder that owns the NFL team, is still awaiting the outcome of an appeal to the Fourth Circuit." (10/03/16)  


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