Gun control in the Third Reich

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October 3, 2016
Strike The Root
by Alex R Knight III  
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"Enacted in late 1931, not long before Hitler would become chancellor and the Nazi Party would proclaim a political monopoly for itself in the Reichstag, near-universal registration of personal firearms was characterized (as might well be expected) as a crime fighting measure. In addition, in 1932 -- and with ominously ironic foreshadowing -- the German interior minister ordered that the lists of gun registrants be securely stored so that they could not fall into the hands of 'radical elements.' He also issued an alleged promise of a 'very high level of security of the data.' All of this would become utterly meaningless, of course, when in less than a year's time Hitler and his underlings would order the cross-referencing of said gun registration lists with both new and old state registry office census data which -- with the help of punchcards courtesy of IBM corporation's German subsidiary -- enabled the Nazi authorities to identify Jews, as well as others considered, for whatever reasons they cared to formulate, 'politically unreliable.'" (10/03/16)  

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