Breakfast with Bill Weld

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October 3, 2016
The Atlantic
by Molly Ball  
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"The question that always haunts third-party tickets is whether they will play spoiler to one of the major parties. This year, the Libertarians were initially assumed to be a problem for the Republicans: The ticket consists, after all, of two former Republican governors, Weld and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. For the many GOP voters repulsed by Trump, the Libertarians could be an appealing alternative. But Johnson and Weld also appear to be drawing votes from Clinton, particularly from young people who prefer their live-and-let-live idealism to her baggage-laden wonkery. This is not the way Weld thinks it ought to be. He believes Clinton is wrong on policy, particularly fiscal and military matters -- but Trump is unthinkable." (10/03/16)  

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