Patent troll VirnetX beats Apple again, awarded $302 million

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October 3, 2016
Ars Technica    
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"An East Texas jury concluded late Friday that Apple must pay a patent troll $302.4 million in damages for infringing two patents connected to Apple's FaceTime communication application. The verdict is the third in the long-running case in which two earlier verdicts were overturned -- one on appeal and the other by the Tyler, Texas federal judge presiding over the 6-year-long litigation. The latest outcome is certain to renew the same legal arguments that were made in the earlier cases: Apple, for one, has maintained all along that the evidence doesn't support infringement. ... in the previous litigation, the Nevada patent-holding company had asked the judge to shutter the Apple service at issue. Apple has maintained that such a demand was made 'So that it can be used to extract a massive licensing fee.'" (10/02/16)  

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