US Senate passes stopgap spending bill, $1.1 billion for Zika research

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September 29, 2016
Fox News    
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"Averting an election-year crisis, Congress late Wednesday sent President Barack Obama a bill to keep the government operating through Dec. 9 and provide $1.1 billion in long-delayed funding to battle [sic] the Zika virus. The House cleared the measure by a 342-85 vote just hours after a bipartisan Senate tally. The votes came after top congressional leaders broke through a stalemate over aid to help Flint, Michigan, address its water crisis. ... emocrats claimed a partial victory on Flint while the GOP-dominated Louisiana delegation won a down payment on Obama's $2.6 billion request for their state." [editor's note: Let's see, a billion for research to cover up Monsanto's role in this and blame the mosquitoes again, a sweet bailout for the pols in Michigan, and another half-billion to look busy in New Orleans ... Yep, they covered it all - SAT] (09/28/16)  


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