UK: Corbyn rules out any pledge to appease Know-Nothings

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September 28, 2016
The Guardian [UK]    
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"Jeremy Corbyn will say on Wednesday that a Labour government will not 'sow division' by promising to cut immigration, despite pressure from key backbenchers to shift the party's stance after the Brexit vote. Freedom of movement has emerged as a fresh dividing line in the party, with some MPs saying the message from the public in the vote was that levels of immigration from the EU had become too high." [editor's note: I wonder if Sean Gabb is freaked out to have Corbyn and Labour outflanking him on the libertarian side of that issue? - TLK] (09/27/16)  

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  • Sean Gabb

    Since we begin from different premises, it’s hardly surprising if we reach different conclusions. I don’t accept that borders should be wide open, and see no reason why it should be made into any point of libertarian orthodoxy.

    • I’m not sure what premise you begin from.

      The reason open borders are a point of libertarian orthodoxy is that libertarianism is libertarian while non-open borders are authoritarian. Libertarianism isn’t authoritarianism. It’s the opposite of authoritarianism.

      • Jonathan Gress

        I guess if you frame it as the state giving away stolen property to other people, it sounds less libertarian, but that goes for the whole welfare state.

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