Mr. Robot deals frankly with Bitcoin and the future of money

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September 26, 2016
Foundation for Economic Education
by Iain Murray  
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"Last week, the cult USA channel TV show Mr. Robot showed once again why it is required viewing for anyone interested in technology. In a conversation between E Corp CEO Phillip Price and a top government official named Jack (a thinly-veiled Jack Lew?), he talked about his plans to get official government backing for his virtual currency, eCoin .... In this conversation, the show reveals a grasp of technological change that few in the policy community, and fewer in government itself, display. The central issue in play with the future of money is that money is itself a technology." (09/26/16)  

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  • dL

    well, i don’t get my tech education from TV shows…nor from FEE. the raison detre of bitcoin is not government money inflation. government approved electronic payment systems are actually pretty efficient..certainly much faster than p2p bitcoin. They are just tightly controlled through a interlocked global compliance framework.

    but i’m pretty sure nonetheless the “smart” policy makers are going to do their best to try to make sure cryptocurrencies are just as controlled. its not the clueless bureaucrats that I fear…

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