How Trump ended the ObamaCare debate

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September 12, 2016
The Atlantic
by David Frum  
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"Trump feels no obligation to ideological consistency or budgetary coherence. So he can deal with the danger with a sequence of gimmicks: denounce Obamacare, promise to replace it with something better and cheaper, offer no specifics at all about what that something is, worry not even a little that the promise to improve Obamacare conflicts with the scant details of the policy he supposedly offers, and then ... avoid the whole subject of health care to the maximum extent possible. That solution will not be available, however, to the Republicans who follow Donald Trump. Assuming he loses the presidency (which seems a safe assumption) Republicans will not regain an opportunity to reform health care their way until 2021. By that time, the Affordable Care Act will have been the law of the land for eight years. Its defects will be more visible than ever. The expectations generated by the act will be more entrenched than ever, too." (09/12/16)  

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