Gun grabbers die hard

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September 13, 2016
Town Hall
by Katie Kieffer  
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"Gun grabbers are camouflaging sinister plans with slick catchphrases -- hoping you'll barely notice when they pickpocket your pistol. Hillary Clinton is quietly building a massive gun grabber army. It's up to you to halt her momentum. Gun grabbers 'die hard' because they insist on believing the same anti-gun theories even after encountering facts disproving their theories. They also die hard because it's nearly impossible to defeat them. Which means, we must try harder. 'Do you believe that an individual's right to bear arms is a constitutional right?' ABC's George Stephanopoulos asks of Hillary Clinton in June of 2016. 'If it is a constitutional right, then it, like every other constitutional right, is subject to reasonable regulation,' Hillary [replies]. ... Two-letter words beginning with the letter 'I' are wild cards the Clintons love to play when caught in acts of deception. Bill Clinton clung to the word 'is' in the same way his wife now clings to the word 'if.'" (09/12/16)  

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