Mexico: Small pro-family demonstrations follow large anti-family protests

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September 11, 2016
Deutsche Welle [Germany]    
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"In Mexico City, hundreds of people on Sunday demonstrated in favor of same-sex marriage one day after thousands took the streets to protest an initiative to legalize it nationwide. Sunday's protesters included activists, members of the LGBT community and family groups supporting the legislation. Several of them carried signs and banners that read: 'We are all families.' ... More than 50,000 people rallied in dozens of cities across Mexico on Saturday, according to officials. 'There purpose is to defend the family [sic]; what we are proposing is the protection [sic] of marriage and family,' Marco Tulio Mendoza, director of the rally organizers National Front for [sic] the Family, said in an interview on Saturday." [editor's note: Rejecting, attacking and calling for legal suppression of families is not "defending" or "protecting" them - TLK] (09/11/16)  

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