Libeling leakers: Julian Assange, Wikileaks and the Russian “connection”

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September 12, 2016
by Binoy Kampmark  
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"What was the New York Times thinking in making the suggestion? Evidently, its patriotic sense has been affronted by the disclosures from WikiLeaks that have sprinkled more than a bit of dust on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. In doing so, Julian Assange and the organisation, so claimed the paper, had wangled its way into the Kremlin's agenda." (09/09/16)  

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  • dL

    Actually, its libeling publishers of leaks…with arguments little more than
    (1) formal fallacy P–>Q, Q, therefore P
    (2) or throw a hodgepodge of informal fallacies against the wall and see which one might stick

    I suppose It is somewhat reminiscent of the McCarthyist 50s,but unlike those days, I don’t think many believe the nonsense outside the talking heads cabal. Those who insist on perpetuating the nonsense–and who have no identifiable partisan connection w/ the Dem party–are exposing themselves as stooges for American security/intel establishment.

    Another thing. If there is a rekindling of a new cold war, the United States will be the party responsible for it. In the practice of revisionist history, it would lend new credibility to the position that the United States was the primary party responsible for the first one.

    A corollary hypothesis might examine whether there has actually EVER been a reasonably independent press in the US. Outside the occasional anomaly, I’m beginning to wonder.

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