FL: Bureaucrats use Pulse nightclub massacre as pretext for $150k bribe demand

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September 11, 2016
South Florida Sun Sentinel    
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"The security company that employed Orlando nightclub killer Omar Mateen was fined $151,400 Friday for falsely [sic] listing psychological testing information on more than 1,500 forms that allowed employees to carry guns. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services imposed the fine after discovering G4S Secure Solutions had listed the name of a psychologist who no longer practiced as the screener on Mateen's form and those of many others over a 10-year period." [editor's notes: The screenings WERE conducted, but by another psychologist. It was a paperwork error, not an intentional false filing. And any requirement to consult, report to, or jump through hoops for, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services on the matter of bearing arms is clearly unconstitutional - TLK] (09/09/16)


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