Most arguments against open borders lead to extremely un-libertarian positions

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August 29, 2016
Notes On Liberty
by Zachary Woodman  
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"If anti-open borders libertarians treated any other issue like they do immigration, it would lead to some pretty absurd, anti-libertarian policy positions. For an example, as long as we have government-provided Medicare programs, allowing people to eat unhealthy foods or smoke will increase the cost of those welfare programs; following the logic of the argument above, the government would be justified in implementing paternalist policies that restrict people's right to consume what they want to reduce the burden of the welfare state. People with lower incomes are more likely to use welfare programs as well, so the government is justified in reducing their population size by restricting their right to reproduce through forced sterilization. Obviously, both these positions are absurd from a libertarian perspective." (08/28/16)  


  • dL

    Of course…an argument that the State has redistributive authority thusly confers it the authority to control the population is an argument against every single liberty out there. Where there is a liberty X, there is someone out there making that exact same argument against X.

    Anti-open border libertarian is an oxymoron in much in the same way that anti-free exchange libertarian would be. And, in actuality, anti-open border==anti-free exchange. They hold the position that free exchange is a corrupting influence on (Caucasian) culture. Propertarian would be the accurate categorization as a political label.

    10 years ago, Hoppe was more of a marginal figure within the radical libertarian community***. Well, at least it seemed that way to me. If he was brought up, it would often be with qualifiers “no,no, he doesn’t actually ascribe to anti-libertarian this or anti-libertarian that.” Well, no longer. Now if you point this stuff out, you get deluged with identity victimhood on libertarian purity and breast beating on his soaring popularity. Between the pragmaticrats and the peckerwood populists, things that one used to assume part of the libertarian canon w/o argument are now under attack.

    *** Note: Austrian Economics and Libertarianism are NOT the same thing. I would not say Hoppe was ever a marginal figure within AE.

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