CloudFlare protects Internet users by insisting on lawful orders before blocking customers

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August 24, 2016
Electronic Frontier Foundation
by Mitch Stoltz  
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"This month, the online service provider CloudFlare stood up for its website-owner customers, and for all users of those websites, by telling a court that CloudFlare shouldn't be forced to block sites without proper legal procedure. Copyright law limits the kinds of orders that a court can impose on Internet intermediaries, and requires courts to consider the pros and cons thoroughly. In this case, as in other recent cases, copyright (and trademark) holders are trying to use extremely broad interpretations of some basic court rules to bypass these important protections. As special interests keep trying to make things disappear from the Internet quickly, cheaply, and without true court supervision, it's more important than ever that Internet companies like CloudFlare are taking a stand." (08/23/16)  

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