The economic effects of the Clinton tax proposal

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August 23, 2016
National Center for Policy Analysis
by Paul Bachman, Keshab Bhattarai, Frank Conte, Jonathan Haughton, & David G Tuerck  
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"Compared with other presidential election year cycles, the 2016 campaign takes place in a period of perplexingly slow economic growth. Secretary Hillary Clinton''s tax proposal, the center of her campaign's fiscal policy, stresses fairness. To reach "broadly shared prosperity," in this slow-growth environment, the Clinton tax proposals seek to promote growth and equity by shifting the tax burden to high-income taxpayers. The proposals are clearly predicated on a normative objective to diminish income inequality and to bring greater equity to the tax code. In this report, we focus on the efficiency effects of the Clinton tax proposal, leaving the debate over equity for a separate analysis of distributional effects (Haughton et al. 2016)." [summary -- full paper available as PDF download] (08/23/16)  

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