CA: Gun rights advocates file suit challenging open carry restrictions

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August 18, 2016
Fox News    
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"Gun-rights advocates filed a sweeping new legal challenge Wednesday to California’s open-carry restrictions -- arguing a recent court decision effectively denies residents 'their fundamental rights to bear arms' and contradicts a landmark Supreme Court ruling on the Second Amendment. Plaintiffs say the case, Flanagan v. Harris, is a 'direct response' to a recent ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that preserved a California county sheriff’s restrictive policies on carrying a concealed weapon. Considering the state’s additional restrictions on carrying a gun openly in public, plaintiffs argued in their new lawsuit that they have been 'completely barred from exercising their right to bear arms, in any manner.' The suit contends, 'the Supreme Court has made clear that the right to bear arms cannot be completely foreclosed.' The plaintiffs include gun owner and resident Michelle Flanagan as well as the California Rifle & Pistol Association." (08/18/16)  

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