The fight for the right to keep and bear arms is never over

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August 17, 2016
Tenth Amendment Center
by TJ Martinell  
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"There exists a common -- and incorrect -- mentality in modern American politics on the right to keep and bear arms. That is, the buck stops at the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court when it comes to our rights. This tends to be most prevalent during presidential elections .... Fear mongers on both sides will argue that if their preferred candidate isn’t elected, the opponent will transform the Supreme Court and lead to decisions they don't want, such as with the right to keep and bear arms. If we don't prevent this from happening, the argument goes, then 'there is nothing else we can do.' This mentality conveys a horribly defeatist attitude; they're not arguing the court has the authority to undermine the Second Amendment. They're saying Americans are powerless to do anything about it. They couldn’t be more wrong." (08/16/16)  

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