Ukraine’s “October Surprise”

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August 14, 2016
by Justin Raimondo  
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"[T]he Ukrainians -- like the rest of the world -- have been watching the US presidential campaign, and they don't like what they see. Donald Trump, while disdaining to get involved in Ukraine's feud with the Kremlin, is asking 'Wouldn't it be good if we could get along with Russia?' This has provoked the Ukrainians into paroxysms of spittle-flecked hysteria. ... In short, the leaders of Ukraine hate Trump, have continually denounced him, and are openly rooting for a Clinton victory in November: by launching a terrorist attack on Crimea, and before that trying to assassinate the President of the rebellious Luhansk Republic in eastern Ukraine -- they put a bomb under his car, seriously injuring him -- they hope to provoke Putin into taking military action. And voila!, we have an 'October surprise' -- with Hillary taking a hard-line anti-Russian stance, and Trump put in the position of seeming to defend Russian 'aggression.'" (08/12/16)  

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