“Libertarian” Party joins the old parties?

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August 11, 2016
The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton  
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"Thanks to the folks over at JPFO for this: Bullets First bluntly reports VP candidate William Weld's interview on REVOLT TV: Libertarian VP Wants to Ban Guns; Rifles are 'Weapons of Mass Destruction.' Except that Bullets First is WRONG: With these positions, William Weld has violated any claim to be ANY kind of Libertarian or libertarian. I don't know if the LP still requires even their nominees to sign the 'Pledge' any more, but ANY person who says that accused people should be stripped of fundamental, God-given rights is committing an act of aggression and calling for tens of thousands, even millions, of acts of aggression." (08/11/16)

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    Generally speaking, it is Weld’s Law and Order Republicanism that serves as the offending umbrella under which a potpourri of fundamental libertarian violations are being swept under. Most, no doubt, will take the greatest offense to Weld’s gun grabbing. For me, the thing I was most shocked at was a libertarian ticket bragging about playing a fundamental early role in Financial Crimes Enforcement precursor. You know, the legal framework born out of the Reagan Justice Dept that was used to take down organized crime and which today is wielded as a broad weapon against free and peaceful trade that the government doesn’t approve of. Really, with friends like this,who needs enemies.


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