Another Sarajevo?

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August 8, 2016
by Justin Raimondo  
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"The elected President of the Republic of Luhansk in what used to be eastern Ukraine barely survived an assassination attempt when a bomb exploded underneath his car. He has been seriously injured. There seems little doubt that this was the work of the SBU, the notorious Ukrainian secret police outfit that has been implicated in a series of mysterious attacks and 'suicides' that have killed opposition journalists and politicians in recent months. Unable to put down the popular rebellion in the east, the coup leaders in Kiev have resorted to terrorism -- which is fitting, since fighters formerly affiliated with ISIS are now in their ranks. Just as the Serbian 'Black Hand' murdered the Archduke and set off World War I, so the ultra-nationalist Ukrainians -- just as crazy as their Serbian counterparts of a century ago -- may have sparked World War III." (08/08/16)  

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