Hillary Clinton’s dangerously coherent foreign policy

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July 25, 2016
by Thaddeus Russell  
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"To Clinton and other inheritors of Wilson's calling, Trump's specific sins are what some have crudely called isolationism. Rather than seek U.S. military dominance as a means to extend American influence, Trump has insisted that other nations bolster their militaries and defend themselves, which Clinton dismissively reduced to a demand to 'let more countries have nuclear weapons.' ... What Clinton offers instead of Trump's 'truly dangerous path' is a foreign policy built upon the classically Wilsonian idea that America 'is an exceptional country' that is the 'last, best hope on earth.' She promises to 'secure American leadership' and to prove, through diplomacy and military action, that 'our country represents something special, not just to us, [but] to the world.' Unfortunately, presidents with these coherent ideas have been the most dangerous of all." (07/25/16)


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