Orlando shooter’s statements vindicate Ron Paul

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July 20, 2016
by Alan Pyeatt  
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"So, there it is in the shooter's own words: he committed his despicable act to stop America from 'bombing Syria and Iraq.' If the anti-gay sentiment entered into Mateen's planning at all, it was not important enough to mention to the 911 receptionists or the Orlando crisis negotiators. More significantly, it wasn't important enough to mention to the Pulse patrons whose behavior he would presumably have been trying to change." (07/20/16)


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  • dL

    Maybe…that would be my first presumption for people living in occupied territories…for government contractors living in the United States, targeting civilians as means to protest american foreign policy would not be my first presumption. Doesn’t mean that is not the real reason, but I would need to see hard evidence to back it up..more than simple a statement at the end.

    People with sociopathic tendencies tend to be attracted to positions of fearful authority over others. Anything can set them off…didn’t get the promotion, dissed by the unrequited love or sexual advances, dissed by someone at the club, hated gay people, or hated himself…whatever. Need more than phoning it in at the end as a reason when nothing beforehand suggests the person was really motivated by that reason.

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