Hillary says Trump is most dangerous presidential candidate ever — but she is

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July 19, 2016
The Daily Bell
by staff  
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"Clinton, in an interview with CBS News'[s] Charlie Rose, believes Donald Trump has 'no self-discipline, no self-control, no sense of history, no understanding of the limits of the kind of power that any president should impose upon himself.' All of this could be applied to Clinton. She is by far the more dangerous of the two candidates. If Clinton gets into office, she will start or expand wars and through large economic programs will ensure the US's quasi-depression deepens and that the economy never truly recovers at all (even though it may seem to.) If things aren't getting worse, Hillary's power is not advancing. She is good at making things worse." (07/19/16)


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  • dL

    No way to know who is worse. I imagine if you were brown or black, you would probably have a different take on that calculation than The Daily Bell.

    • The Daily Bell seems to be, in a sort of catch-me-fuck-me way, on the Trump train. They’ve got another “staff” piece up today about how maybe it’s good that he’s a dumbass vis a vis foreign policy.

      • dL

        “Conclusion: Trump seems to have some level of contempt for the “art of diplomacy” as it is practiced today. And apparently, he is ignorant about the finer points of national security. From our point of view, these traits can be seen as recommendations not condemnations.”

        Better Conclusion: Trump’s contempt for the art of diplomacy and an exhibited “Know-Nothing” foreign policy might indeed be a recommendation if combined with a “Do-Nothing” foreign policy apparatus. However, the reality of a “Been Doing A Bunch of Shit for a Long Time” military empire strongly suggests that Trump would at best merely outsource the status quo to establishment insiders. At worst, he would replicate the Bush-Cheney production where an insider megalomaniac ran his own foreign policy experiment over “Know-Nothing” president with disastrous results. The prospect of Cult of Personality figurehead flapping lips to a resumption of the Cheney doctrine yields only one tangible recommendation: leave, while you still can.

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