LAND: The week in review January 16-23

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January 23, 2011
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Commentaries on What you can do to detoxify political debate, Trapped by technology, In praise of incivility in politics, Laws worth breaking, Tunisians don’t need advice from the Twittering classes, From terrorism to non-violence, Do you have a “right” to a job, home or healthcare?, Obama’s regulation, New campaign: Hands Off the Internet!, Farewell to the utterly unique John Ross (1938-2011), Elected officials flunk Constitution quiz, Wikipedia — an unplanned miracle, What happened?, The empire versus the two Julians, Government spying on Americans, and Were founders mean and ignorant?

In the news, Man beats TSA on ID case, Alabama gov apologizes for remarks on non-Christians, Cat is summoned for jury duty in Boston, Protesters demand change, prisoners freed in Tunisia, Iran bans production of Valentine’s Day gifts, Libertarian rights activist charged with jury tampering, DEA issues apology for “wrong-door”‘ raid and A dog takes its loyalty to the grave in Brazil.

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