2AM News: The week in review January 16-22

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January 23, 2011
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Commentaries on Gun control wouldn’t have stopped Loughner, Gun control measures don’t stop violence, Gun owners, enthusiasts not necessarily gun nuts, Meet another victim of New Jersey’s idiotic gun laws, “Project Gunwalker”, Good violence, On gun control and violence, Tactical tips to survive a home invasion, Question to SF Gate about their Glock column, Knee-jerk gun control reaches new low, Michael Bloomberg, serial killer, The passing of Aaron Zelman, What of the crimes, massacres prevented?, What America really needs is more “good people” with guns! and Strict gun control will seem like war on drugs

Self defense stories from Nevada, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Maryland, and Missouri....in other news, Police steal serf’s guns over disrespectful words toward lords, Nebraska Bill would let teachers carry guns in schools, After tragedy, Arizona eyes more gun rights, Gun, ammo sales boom in wake of massacre, Policy change allows guns in cars on school property in Georgia,Arizona Pro-gun groups focus on colleges, and Obama regime’s proposed gun regulation for border states meets with bipartisan dissent.

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