Brexit animosity aimed at the wrong targets

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July 13, 2016
Center for a Stateless Society
by David Blowers  
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"Britain is polarised following a referendum where the people were asked to choose between two unpleasant options. The vanilla-flavoured turd is the status quo where the nation state continues its affiliation to the European Union, a big cog in the machine of globalised neoliberalism -- a situation that would likely continue to centralise power in Brussels (as it has since the 1975 referendum) with the British public having no way of knowing if there would be another chance to vote on the matter. Alternatively, there was the strawberry-flavoured turd -- leap into an unknown and bewildering array of changes (described in apocalyptic terms by a Prime Minister who can now provide no reassurance without backtracking) -- and a possible lurch of government even further to the right." (07/13/16)  

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